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Congratulations to the Winners of the 2013 Founder Institute Graduate Awards

Most Innovative Award

ReadyPulse is an enterprise software platform that utilizes patented technology to surface high quality, authorized social content from brand ambassadors. This innovative platform allows brands to leverage user generated content in their brand advertising and social media campaigns. ReadyPulse continued to sign new customers in 2013, and recently raised a $2 million series A round from Divergent Ventures, Harmony Capital, and other investors. ReadyPulse is a graduate of the Seattle Founder Institute.

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Are You Sponsoring A Kingpin?

Skorebase is your ultimate source for comparing your sponsored athletes' social activity and influence, identifying the current sponsors of athletes you are prospecting.This online database of action sport athlete profiles breaks down the social side of athletes. Each athlete profile features their social performance quality score, social activity, social reach, current sponsors, relevant news stories, and their most engaging social photos and videos. Stack rank athletes by score to find the best athletes for your team.
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Transworld Business Partners with Skorebase To Create Exposure-Meter Social Media Index

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Case Study: Anatomy of a Successful Social Media Sweepstakes Campaign

Online brands and retailers are struggling to increase online conversions and turn social engagement into red-hot sales. ReadyPulse enables brands and retailers to take their most effective and under leveraged marketing asset (positive customer photos, videos, testimonials) and dynamically display in content of commerce experiences.

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From Dalabooh

You probably spend a good amount of time researching a product or a service you need or are interested in, online before deciding to purchase it. Nowadays, Social media messages influence a shopper’s buying decisions compared to traditional advertising. Consumers consider traditional advertising as being untrustworthy and unauthentic. As a brand, it is important to build relationships with consumers by creating a dialog and by sustaining levels of trust to influence their buying decisions.

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7 Questions on Social Media With Dennis O’Malley

We’re very excited to introduce Dennis O’Malley in today’s Expert Interview series. Dennis is co-founder and CEO of ReadyPulse, the company turning User Generated Content into User Generated Commerce through its patented technology, for brands like Current /Elliot, Stance, House of Marley, O’Neill Girls, Under Armour, and JustFab. Previously, Dennis led Sales, Services, and Research divisions at Moxie Software. Before Moxie, Dennis was VP Sales for Gartner, where he developed their emerging technology, VC/PE, and semiconductor segments.

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ReadyPulse launches, allows brands to find the coolest content from their best fans

Customer Content Platform Powers Digital Marketing Campaigns

ReadyPulse officially unveiled its social content marketing platform today, Pulse Marketing Suite – which means that now any brand can easily find its coolest, most liked photos, videos and testimonials – from its most influential fans and customers – to use in its marketing campaigns. ReadyPulse today is also introducing Pulse for Athletes, the first social marketing solution for brands and online retailers to help sponsored athletes generate relevant social content for use in digital marketing campaigns.

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Website Magazine interview with ReadyPulse CEO

Dennis O'Malley, CEO, provides tips on how brands can use quality social content from their best customers where it's most useful -- where people are buying online.

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Baesman Expands Portfolio of Social Marketing Services through Strategic Partnership with ReadyPulse

Baesman, a leading provider of direct marketing solutions and strategies to Fortune 1000 companies such as DSW and Kate Spade, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with ReadyPulse, an innovator in providing solutions that allow online brands and retailers to surface and display quality customer content to help drive sales.

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The State of Social UGC Among Top 10 Brands at IRCE 2013

In the race for compelling and relevant content, online retailers usually fail to see just how much quality user-generated content (UGC) is created by their existing social fans. The online retailers that are able to collect and display their best photos,

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What’s Next in Advocacy Marketing? | 2480115

ReadyPulse helps digital marketers find the best social content across their social audiences (customers, influencers, advocates) and leverage that content as effective marketing assets.

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