Having active brand ambassadors is critical to your program’s success. You want them to begin adding value to your brand as soon as possible, but you first must activate your ambassador.  Initial activation needs to be followed up by continuous […]

Measuring the success of your brand ambassador program is important. But what metrics should you use as indicators of success? Which measurements will allow you to see for yourself the success of your brand ambassador program? When analyzing what your […]

It is critical to understand the different stages of a brand ambassador program in order to have success. We are excited to share with you the life cycle of a brand ambassador program, which has been developed by working with […]

As social media becomes central to brands' interactions with their fans, connecting with your influencers on Instagram is an increasingly critical component of engagement. The photo-sharing social network has grown too pervasive for brands to ignore: 43% of smartphone users […]

From Monday to Wednesday of next week, 5,200 professionals will meet in Seattle for the Shop.org Summit 2014 for digital and multichannel retailers. Whether or not you'll be in attendance next week, you're likely interested in the thought leadership emerging […]